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Popurri EP

MAY 3, 2024


Quemayama” is a powerful song originally created by poet/musician Patricio Hidalgo, which tells the story of pain and healing.

When asking Alejandro of ¿Qiensave? Why did they decide to cover this song? He said, “It’s a song that talks of pain and healing. We decided to cover this song and introduce elements of cumbia and afro-cuban percussion to give the song a different flavor. “, he continued “The juxtaposition of heavy-hearted lyrics and upbeat rhythms is our way of presenting the idea that even in the darkness, light always shines through.”

Quemayama is produced by Greg Landau who assisted in the arrangement and instrumentation. Bringing 40 plus years of experience. Greg Landau helped ¿Qiensave? hone down the essence of the original song, while allowing them to add their own flavor, making this rendition of “Quemayama” unique itself. 


The Band

Ricardo Cortez


Alejandro Gomez

Lead Guitar & Vox

Carlos "Qien" Cortez

Guitar & Vox

Mario Cortez

Keyboard, Güira, & Vox

William Cortez