The album “Mujer” began as an exploration of music, as the band wanted to do something completely different from their previous album “Como Ver Te?”. Within time this exploration became an explosion of different genres of music combined into one unique sound. Combining cumbia with Rock, Alternative, Reggae and hints of Hip Hop. “We created a cumbia album mixed with the sounds of our streets” said Alejandro, “When you get down to it, Mujer is a catchy blend of music that is sure to get any party started, and guarantees to get your body moving, as this album is an energetic journey through the dance of life.”


Para Pordete Olvidar

With the new song, “Para Poderte Olvidar” they bring their own twist to a cumbia love story. They reflect, “The song ‘Para Poderte Olvidar’ was inspired by the hardships we’ve faced and the moment we decided to let it go and forget. That can be the most difficult and yet the most beautiful moment in our lives.” They continue, “I think everyone saw a glimmer of hope everything was getting better and we started to celebrate to forget the past. Humans do this, we work to forget the old to start anew and that is the beauty of life. That’s the start of change. When people feel like things are so bad, things need to change even if leaving the past kills you.”

La Poderosa

Mata De Mota Feat. Tropa Magica

¿Qiensave? decided to give the song “Mata de Mota” new life as an homage to Chico Che, his music and legacy. The chusca aesthetic and fusion-based musicality of Chico Che has been very prominent influences on both Qiensave and Tropa Magica. Chico’s progressive fusion of Cumbia and Rock ‘n’ Roll was something that was revolutionary for the time, and his playful lyrics, personality, and swagger are what lead to his eventual success and status as one of the most important figures in the history of Latin music. When asked why they wanted to cover the song, ¿Qiensave? stated, “Chico Che was a great songwriter, composer, and possibly a prophet”. Growing up on his music, both Qiensave and Tropa Magica take a very similar approach to their work and that’s reflective in this single, but with a modern twist.


El DUI! is a homage to the late 80s/early 90s techno banda, fused with the Juan Torres Robles organo melodico style, and a twist of the fun loving sound ¿Qiensave? is known for. When asked about the process of making “El DUI!”, Alejandro said, “Our mutual love for the old school sound of Mi Banda El Mexicano and Banda Maguey, is what made working on this song together such a fun, nostalgic and invigorating process.” El DUI! is written by Carlos L “Qien” Cortez, arranged by Alejandro Gomez, and produced by É Arenas (bassist of Chicano Batman) at Arenas’ studio in Los Angeles, CA.


"Verano" is a melodic love ballad to summer. A sweet mix of soft bright guitars and smooth bass, with a syncopated drum rhythm that’s sure to make your heart melt. “Verano” is an ode to romance, as one looks back to the moment when love was in the air and butterflies danced with the thought of that special someone.


This up-tempo summer jam brings a fusion of Cumbia Urbana, Rock and Dancehall into one memorable body of work, that will keep everyone on the dancefloor throughout the summer and beyond. While giving homage to the past that helped pave the way. “512-1433” is produced by world renowned platinum producer Sam Pura and it was recorded at Panda Studios in Fremont, CA.

High Class

“High class is a Cumbia Callejera anthem for people who love the finer things in life, but also for those who struggle to achieve that higher status.” lead singer Carlos said of their latest single, “It’s a sweet tale told through a mix of cumbia sonidera laced with rock licks made to make hips move“. High Class is produced by platinum producer and engineer Sam Pura of Panda Studios

La Fuga

With “La Fuga” Erik Canales brings out the best of Carlos and Jandro to the mixing boards as they take another step in their evolution and showcase the multitude of talent on this track, which has the perfect blend of instruments, and storytelling to make it an instant hit in the latin community and across the wrold.

Working Hard

Bella Ciudad

The song Bella ciudad is a tribute in song to the events of a city. Describes a moment with beautiful honest words of a busker street musician.

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