About ¿Qiensave?

¿Qiensave? is a Cumbia Urbana group from Salinas California with roots stretching back to Michoacán, Mexico. They create high energy dance music that has fortunately blessed them with the opportunity to travel throughout California, Arizona, Mexico, and Colombia. 

Caile Al Baile

¿Qiensave? has existed as a musical entity since 2009, but within the last few years the band has picked up steam by releasing their sophomore album “Mujer” via ONErpm Music, which includes singles produced by world-renowned and Latin Grammy-nominated musician Eric Canales and Platinum Producer Sam Pura, and touring which has given ¿Qiensave? the opportunity to share the stage with acts like Celso Piña, Grupo Kual, La Santa Cecilia, Fuerza de Tijuana, and La Septima Banda among others. Currently, the band is promoting the release of their new single “512-1433” which is the story of being given the same number by two different women.


Carlos "Qien" L. Cortez

Vox & Rhythm Guitar

Carlos L. Cortez is a California based singer / songwriter / multidisciplinary artist with a background in theater and music production. Born in South Central Los Angeles, raised in Michoacán, Mexico, now based out of Salinas, California. Carlos is the founder and one of the many brains behind Qiensave. His travels, being self-taught and his art background have influenced his raw style of playing and inventive way of composing. Influences range from Manu Chao, Cafe Tacvba to The Beatles and Woody Guthry, Bronco, Frank Zappa, Selena, Kumbia Kings, and more…

Alejandro Gomez

Vox & Lead Guitar

 Alejandro Gomez of Salinas California plays a variety of instruments but the guitar has always been his fortè. Performing live for about 13 years. Currently Alejandro is part of the Cumba Urbana/Nu-Cumbia band ¿Qiensave?. Also, Alejandro has been featured alongside bands like Wasted Noise, Bachaco, and the internationally known artist and musicologist Patricio Hidalgo. Alejandro has also performed and worked as a music director on several productions with the world-renowned theater company El Teatro Campesino. He has been lucky enough to travel in and out of the country to perform, compose and direct different styles of music


Mario Cortez

Keyboard, Güira & Vox

Mario Cortez  keeps Qiensave’s cumbia dance party going with the percussive sounds of the Güira accompanied with his vocal harmonies and energy! Mario is a multi faceted artist who uses music, art, writing and all the in-betweens to have fun. He has shared the stage with many national and international acts and has performed all over the country and internationally. He keeps busy with the variety of musical projects exploring different genres of music and working with kid and incarcerated adults. Mario is blessed to be able to create unique musical sounds for the world along side his Bros!Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear!

William Cortez


William Cortez, a native of California, was born in Lynwood and raised in the central coast town of Chualar. His diverse upbringing and culturally rich perspective resonate deeply through his bass playing.

Embarking on his musical journey at the age of 15, William has accumulated a wealth of experience, gracing stages alongside Grammy winners and nominees, and participating in national and international tours. His musical palette draws inspiration from a variety of genres including blues, rock, funk, reggae, cumbia, and hip hop, reflecting not only his musical influences but also his life experiences and connection with his ancestors.

With his dynamic presence, William Cortez brings a vibrant energy that resonates with audiences far and wide, spreading joy and harmony wherever his music is heard.


Ricardo Cortez


Bringing life to the music with the heartbeat of the drums Ricardo’s versatile sound and an array of musical flavors are felt through his playing. Ricardo is a multi-instrumentalist based on the central coast with many years of musical experience ranging from salsa music to ska and from composing music and playing to sound engineering. He has been blessed to have toured nationally and internationally with his brothers and has also shared stages around the world with many National and international artists. Playing in various different style bands, Ricardo continues to bring good vibes, high energy, and a  rocki’n good time each and every time!!